The Truth Is In the Cloud
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The Truth Is In the Cloud

Every year Apple fans all over the world wait for Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) like children wait for Christmas. This year is keynote was the equivalent of a very wealthy Christmas. Full of very neat and extremely useful little presents, in the form of multiple features added to the new releases of OS X and iOS, and one huge present called the iCloud. The iCloud was such an important part of this keynote that Steve Jobs himself presented it.

The iCloud is a free service Apple will offer to all their customers using OS X Lion and iOS 5. This service will allow them to store documents, music, photos, calendars, mail, applications and backups in the Cloud, and automatically sync them to all their Apple devices and even PCs. Apple devices include iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and for photos also Apple TV. Playing with the expression "cloud number nine" the iCloud will be supported by nine applications: Address Book, Calendar, Mail, App Store, iBooks, Backup, Documents, PhotosStream and iTunes Store.

Jobs explained Apple s bet on the Cloud as "moving the digital hub, the center of your digital life into the Cloud" and by doing this he demoted the Mac and the PC, the previous center of our digital life, to just another device. "Some people think the Cloud is hard disk in the sky" he joked and then added "well, we think it is way more than that! And we call it iCloud", showing Apple is strong belief in this new technology.

Apple is CEO knew that their big move would be very questioned given the dark past of their previous Cloud based application, Mobile Me, so he grabbed the bull by the horns by saying "you might ask why should I believe them, they are the ones who brought me Mobile Me!" and referred to it as "not our finest hour". He explained that they learnt a lot from that experience and that they threw away those applications and re-built them to be fully integrated with the Cloud. In one last attempt to convince people that they are serious about iCloud, he showed a picture of their 152400 square meters data center in North Carolina which costed Apple approximately a billion dollars.

iCloud will ship in July, so we will have to wait until then to try it. What about you? Would you like to have today your business applications in the Cloud? Get your Groobix free trial now, visit Pricing & Free Trial .

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